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It’s about time that I resurrected The Air Hostesses Guide as not only have I missed it, but it seems you lovely lot have as well. I was thinking about what I could write about whilst lying in bed the other night, unable to sleep. I have previously mentioned how I combat jet lag, but this lack of sleep wasn’t just because I wasn’t acclimatised, but because I just can’t switch off. I’m always on my phone or my iPad, or watching the TV. It came to me that maybe I need to start switching off to be able to switch off. So, for research purpose of course, I spent a little bit of time on me without any social media interruptions and DVD box sets and taught myself how to relax.

Freshly laundered bedding is the number one sure fire way to help anyone feel relaxed and cosy so whilst I ran my bath, I made my bed up and plumped up my cushions. I did slightly cheat by using my iPad but it was only to find an album on YouTube that played relaxing classical music. I’ve also got a new book to read. Six Little Miracles by Janet Walton is about the Walton sextuplets from Liverpool and I can’t wait to read it because Luci Walton is a really good friend of mine.

With the bedroom ready and the bath nearly full, I added some Buddha Beauty Relax Bath Oil to the hot water and slipped in. The oil made my skin so silky soft and and scent was divine. Lavender, Clary Sage, Rose Geranium and bitter orange create the most calming and totally divine experience. After drying myself off I used Buddha Beauty Organic Dry Sweet Orange Dry Body Oil and spritzed it all over my skin. It locks in moisture and leaves a really smooth satiny finish with no greasiness and is a beautiful body oil for before bed.

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