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Luxury Facial


70 minutes

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​Regardless of your age or gender, if you want your skin to look its best you have to take care of it.

A facial does for your skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for your body. Through deep-cleaning and exfoliation of the pores, stimulating massage to improved circulation, and the use of organic products, our beauticians can make a lot of progress towards improving the health of your skin in a single session at our beauty salon in Chorlton.


This hour-long facial will begin with our therapist using our own cream cleanser. A double cleanse will be carried out using circular motions to massage your skin and deeply clean the skin's surface.

Following on from this your therapist will then use the bamboo and mandarin facial scrub. The microbeads of ground bamboo will gently exfoliate and deep clean pores removing the daily build-up of dirt.

The steamer will now mist your face and allow your pores to open whilst a second exfoliation is carried out to give your skin a wonderful polish leaving it bright and fresh.

Prior to the Apple, Aloe & Avocado clay mask, your therapist will carry out a stress-busting facial massage. Helping to extend a sense of calmness and allow you to release all of the day's tensions. The mask is now applied to soothe the skin and remove excess oils.

Whilst you lay there in pure bliss the mask will be allowed to set and during this time your therapist will carry out a relaxing hand and arm massage.

The mask will then be removed using hot towels and one of our luxury moisturisers will be applied to hydrate your skin, locking in moisture and creating a barrier to protect your skin.

This whole treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, bright, and ready to face the world.Facial Aftercare Advice

After a Facial Treatment:

• It is recommended not to apply to make up for up to 12 hours after the treatment to allow the skin to fully absorb the products used in your treatment, it also allows time for the skin to ‘breathe’ so as not to clog the pores.

• Try to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol where possible as these are highly dehydrating to the skin, making the skin dry and dull.

• Drinking plenty of water (1.5 - 2 litres a day) will greatly improve the skin's complexion and help rid the body of toxins giving you a healthy glow.

• Try to avoid the sun immediately after your treatment as the top layer of dead skin cells will have been removed in your treatment, therefore, making your skin particularly sensitive to sunlight. Don't forget to protect your skin from UV light on a daily basis to help prevent skin damage.

• Use products recommended to you during your treatment, aim to double-cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day and also exfoliate and apply a mask twice a week. This will improve your complexion and make your facial treatment more beneficial and effective.

Tips for super skin:

• Avoid excessive sun exposure, which damages the skin on all levels. Use a good (preferably organic) sunscreen of at least SPF15 during the summer.

• Do not smoke and try to avoid passive smoking. Smoking causes the narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin, impairing blood flow and depleting the skin of oxygen and nutrients. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.

• Keep calm and avoid excess stress. Stress promotes an increase of free radicals in the body, a major cause of premature ageing. Regular stress causes the skin to be consistently starved of both blood and oxygen, making it dull and lifeless, less supple, less hydrated and prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

• Limit alcohol and intake of stimulants. Alcohol, in particular, dilates the blood vessels in the skin and excessive drinking leads to chronic dilation of the capillaries, causing a permanent flush on the face. It also depletes vitamin A in the body.

• Have a fantastic diet, basing it around fresh organic fruit and vegetables and the foods known to encourage healthy ageing. Choose supplements to slow the ageing process, boost your overall nutrient intake and reduce oxidative stress.

• Hydrate! The more water you drink, the better your skin can eliminate toxins, retain moisture and stay looking youthful. Six - eight glasses is about right (choose pure filtered or mineral water).

• Moisturise regularly, using organic ingredients to nurture and feed your skin.

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