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Nailed It!

If long, pointy talons aren’t really your thing then don’t think that you have to settle for plain and un-manicured hands. There are plenty of other options for you to consider, one of them being Shellac nails. Not to be confused with gel nails or acrylics, or any form of nail extensions, Shellac is simply applied to your own nails whatever the length, and cured under a UV lamp. It hardens to a super shiny, hardwearing and durable gloss which won’t chip or fade and usually lasts you around two weeks, three if you’re lucky or very careful with your hands.

Here at Buddha Beauty we really take care of your nails and hands when you visit us, making sure you’re really relaxed and happy when you leave. We start with a manicure, because if you have uneven or rough nails the Shellac won’t look that great and it will be obvious that your nails aren’t all uniform when the polish is applied. We work on your cuticles too, making sure they’re smooth and safe, no snagging or pulling. We have lots of gorgeous colours to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find something which takes your fancy, and while you’re here you can soak up the tranquil atmosphere and drift away from the world outside.

We pride ourselves on being a beauty salon who bring something a little different to the table. We steer clear of brash music, harsh chemicals and bright colours. We believe that everyone deserves a little ‘R and R’ now and then, and so when we welcome you into our little salon we hope you feel as though you’ve escaped into an oasis, a little slice of heaven if you will. Getting your nails done can make you feel refreshed, because let’s face it, we have to look at our hands on a daily basis, and other people do too. Our hands can be a reflection of us, so we understand that when you have your nails done it has to be flawless.

For an unrivalled and serene Beauty Salon in Manchester, contact Buddha Beauty today where you will find that there is indeed Heaven on Earth!

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