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Foot Pampers

Foot Pamper

Why should we take care of our feet? The answer to that is simple. Your feet go through a lot on a daily basis. With each step you take the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments in your feet are all hard at work. And we can all admit many of us don’t think about taking care of our feet until we reach for the sandals in summer. Looking after our feet extends beyond appearances and a fresh coat of nail polish. It should be a year round effort.

So just like the rest of your body our feet just need some good old pampering. This is where our foot pamper comes into play. Having trouble getting rid of the dry skin on your feet? Don’t fret, with the foot pamper you get to try the callus peel and banish that dry skin. Leaving you with sandal worthy feet all year round.

So what is it exactly? A callus peel is designed to revitalised rough soles and transform the skin on your heels so they’re soft and crack-free. The callus peel is packed with skin renewing ingredients of salicylic acid and glycolic acid that cause your dry skin to simply peel away with out causing you pain or irritation.

Now you know the ins and out of a callus peel. Lets get into the foot pamper.

Kicking off your treatment the peel will be placed on the area you suffer with dryness the most. When the peel is in place your feet will be wrapped tightly in clingfilm and covered with a towel. We do this to create heat and help the solution penetrate faster. Your feet will be left like this for 10-12 minutes.

After the peel has been removed your therapist will be able to remove the dead skin easy. They will then go over your feet with a foot file to ensure that all the dead skin has been removed. Now all that gross stuff is out the way ,time for the nice part.

Your feet will be soaked in a bowl of warm water before being removed for some extra exfoliation using a sugar scrub. Finally after the scrubs been rinsed off, your therapist will give you a relaxing foot massage with our peppermint foot cream.

Pamper session over you’ll be ready to take on anything with your soft soles.

If you would like more information about own label or becoming a stockist for Buddha Beauty then please use the contact form or give us a call.

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