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Massage in Pregnancy: The Benefits and Where to be Careful

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time. You’re growing a whole new life inside you, carrying a precious cargo round all day and it can be tiring no matter what stage you’re at. In the first trimester, you can expect to struggle with sickness and not just in the morning either. You might also experience feelings of anxiety, because after all, you’re bringing a person into the world who is going to depend on you for absolutely everything he or she needs. You might worry about finances, if you’ll cope, if your partner will take to parenting as well as you or vice versa, you may even worry about the labour even though it’s a good few months away.

The second trimester brings new challenges, because it’s usually at this point that the belly really starts to show meaning that muscles and tissues are starting to stretch and you may feel uncomfortable. It may also become difficult for you to get comfortable in bed, as you might have to change your sleeping position. Then the third trimester is when you may find your trouble really kick in. Heartburn, indigestion, swollen ankles, trouble eating due to the squashed space inside you, all sorts of issues can pop up when you think you couldn’t possibly handle any more bodily changes.

That’s why, no matter what anyone says, it’s perfectly fine to indulge in massages and such during pregnancy – yes, pregnancy isn’t an illness but you’re doing something amazing and you should be treated as such! This being said, the first trimester is such a fragile time that no respectable therapist will carry out any kind of massage before you reach the twelve-week mark, so please bear this in mind. There are reasons for this, and it is purely in the interest of you and your baby so please do not ask us to massage you before you enter your second trimester. It takes a trained therapist to carry out pregnancy massage, because of the various changes in the body such as increased blood volume and the possibility of clots in the legs, so differing techniques are required.

Relaxation is key in pregnancy and of course labour, so why not come visit us for a spot of sheer bliss and tranquillity? Your baby can sense your mood and how you feel, after all they are a part of you, so it’s a treat for you as well as your unborn little one. If you have a relaxed pregnancy for the most part, and get used to other relaxation techniques such as breathing, you may very well find that you have a different perceptive on labour and giving birth. Massage in labour is amazing too, especially on the lower back. Some women suffer with back-to-back labour, which brings lots of extra issues and causes most of the pain experienced during labour is felt in your lower back and spine. A lot of fathers-to-be try to help by rubbing their partners back which is amazing but if it isn’t done right it can cause more grief (for him as well as you!) than calm, so making sure the both of you are up to scratch with massage when the time comes. It can also help bring you and your partner closer too; people tend to forget the

dad and the fact that he may be feeling very lost!

Here at The Buddha Beauty Company we really enjoy treating all of our clients, especially those of you who are expecting and are soon to be bringing new life into the world. We pride ourselves on being up to date with all massage techniques, therapies and procedures relating to pregnancy massage and of course with our peaceful and comforting rooms, it wouldn’t be long before you were in sheer Heaven in our hands. We’re proud to be a soothing, calming and ethereal beauty salon in Manchester, and that we make our clients’ wellbeing our top priority. Of course, we do hope that after you give birth to your lovely baby you bring him or her into the salon so we can be formally introduced!

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