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Before You Jet Off

This summer no doubt many of you will be jetting off to another country to soak up some sun and sangria – fabulous! You’ve got your swimsuits, matching flip-flops and sarongs, board shorts, sun cream, shades… You’ve had your nails and toes done, brows threaded, you look great. But wait! What about your body? A lot of people think just daily showering and moisturising is enough to look after the skin on their bodies, when really this isn’t true especially on holiday where the sun is hotter, you’re wearing less clothes, and you’ll no doubt sweat more too. The skin on our bodies differs according to where it is; the skin on our chest for example is different to the skin on our feet. The treatments we use on our bodies usually aren’t suitable for use on the face, but those treatments sued on the face are usually okay to be used on the body. That’s why you should always find a moisturiser which your face seems to respond well to first, then use it on your body and not the other way round. Body lotions are perfumed a lot of the time, and this is not recommended for facial products.

The skin on your body needs TLC, just like the skin on your face. That’s why we offer full body exfoliation with beautiful natural sea salt, back treatments with mud masks, and full body wraps to alleviate symptoms of dryness, enlarged pores, tiredness and also cellulite. Just because your body is covered with clothes doesn’t mean you can neglect it. The skin on your face may be front and centre when you’re interacting with people, and of course it’s the blank canvas for your makeup, but the skin on your body needs just as much care and love. Skin is beautiful; freckles, different tones, moles, birthmarks, everyone is different and wonderfully so. We love skin here at Buddha, and we know that it’s the biggest organ in the body and should be cared for every day with the kindest and purest products.

We’re a beauty salon in Manchester with love at the centre of our work; love for our customers, love for our products and love for what we do, so if you’re thinking you could do with a refresh, a relax, or a rejuvenation, call us and let’s have a chat about what we can do for you. Plus, you want to knock ‘em dead on holiday right? Of course you do! So let’s get yo

u booked and we guarantee you’ll leave us a new woman!

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