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Fertility Assistance with Acupuncture

External factors such as stress can cause hormonal imbalances and therefore affect fertility. Research has shown that there is a higher rate of getting pregnant naturally with acupuncture compared to the use of western medicines. The practice works by increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs which optimises the quality of the endometrial lining (the inner layer of the womb) and increases the chance conceiving naturally.


Hormone imbalances can affect fertility. Acupuncture is said to reduce stress levels therefore calming the mind and help correct imbalances in hormone production. With this regulation of hormones, acupuncture helps to stimulate ovulation and helps aids conception.

Male Fertility

Research has shown that many couples have trouble conceiving due to a 50/50 split cause with female infertility and growing concerns with male infertility. Due to factors such as low sperm count or low mobility, it is recommended that both women and men undergo acupuncture treatments in order to boost the chances of success.


Acupuncture can work in partnership with IVF journey’s, offering support pre and post egg transfer. Treatment on the day or days before and after egg transfer can also help support egg implantation.


The miracle of pregnancy comes with many physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea and joint/back aches. It is common for women to have regular acupuncture sessions in the weeks leading up to labour to promote a rise in energy levels and aid sleep.

Are you trying to get pregnant and hoping acupuncture could be the right route and support for you? Buddha Beauty is a Beauty Salon in Manchester which specialises in fertility acupuncture. Call today to help ease any worries and book your first session!

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