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So you have finally decided to book your first wax with us. Maybe you have been thinking about it for a while and decided that today is the day. Maybe you have been going elsewhere and want to see what it’s like at Buddha Beauty. Or maybe you have been coming to us for sometime and it was time to get a different treatment with us. Whatever your story is, you may be feeling excited or nervous about your upcoming appointment, so read on to know what is in your future!

At Buddha Beauty, we try to be as communicative and transparent as we can possibly be. I feel like there is nothing worse in a client experience than feeling like you don’t know what to expect. Have you ever walked into a business and had no idea where to go or what is expected of you? It feels awkward, right? We find that the more we can let the guests know what to expect, the more comfortable and confident they feel…especially during the first waxing appointment.

So, you’ve booked your first appointment. Hopefully, you have looked through our website and app. On our app you will see all of the staff bios for every person that works at the salon. You will be able to get to know your Waxer a bit more before meeting them, and you will also be able to recognise the person greeting you from their picture. If you have questions before hand or even after your appointment, you can always ring either of our salons for any information or advice. We are always happy to assist.

As you may already know Buddha Beauty is the 1st Vegan Beauty Salon in Manchester. All our products are vegan friendly including our waxing! We use both Salon Systems hot and warm wax so we can meet every client’s wants and needs. Hot wax is brilliant for those with sensitive skin!

The benefits of waxing are; it lasts a lot longer than shaving because it pulls the hair directly from the roots. It also weakens your hair as time goes on making it finer rather than shaving which makes your hair thicker and stronger. Waxing leaves no cuts, rashes or bumps which can leave you with scars. Waxing leaves your skin feeling silky smooth for much longer with no stubble!

Whichever type of wax you are coming in for, we will take good care of you! We listen to all your requests and never proceed with a treatment without your approval of our service technique first.

We want all of our client’s leaving the salon happy with their treatment and experience at Buddha Beauty, and hopefully this is how you will feel after your wax with us! Just check out our reviews on Google or Facebook to see what our current clients feel.

To bookLongford Road click here.or Beech road here

Thanks for reading and we look forward to treating you soon.

Male waxing is also available.

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