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What is a Facial Serum

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We’ve all been guilty of not knowing what a facial serum is even tho we probably have one sitting in a drawer at home.

Serums can be a small bit confusing but after reading this blog you’ll know exactly what to do with yours.

A serum is a water or oil based light weight moisturiser containing high concentrates of active ingredients, its intent is too deliver theses powerful ingredients directly into your skin. It is made up of small molecules making it particularly suited to this job.

But wait does this mean that our wonderful facial serum can now replace your precious hydrating moisturisers and facial oils? The answer is No.

Even tho facial serums help the skin retain moisture that doesn’t mean they can replace traditional rich facial moisturisers or facial oils.

We still need our moisturisers to create a barrier on the top layer of our skin and ensure all the good stuff is kept in.

Here at Buddha Beauty we love helping you take your skincare the extra mile and in adding a facial Serum you will do just that.

What benefits will using a serum actually do for me?

Loads is the answer but well talk about the main ones here,

  • Texture, using a facial serum daily will improve your skin allowing it to become firmer & smoother, leading to a visibly younger looking skin and reducing the signs of ageing.

  • Scaring, marks & spots, will begin to lighten with regular use and particularly if using plant concentrates. This allows you to heal your skin without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Pore size, helping reduce the size of your pore will lessen your chance of blackheads & whiteheads leaving you with a clearer complexion.

  • With daily use a serum can help you reduce redness & dryness leaving your skin looking fresh and moisturised.

With so many reasons to begin using a facial serum I’m going to begin taking about our own Vegan Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum we make & sell here at Buddha Beauty.

With our water based serum, we’ve chosen to use vital ingredients so we know your skin is being looked after while at home & in the salon. The use of home care products have been proven to extend and improve the results of any facial and skin treatment.


We’ve chosen Grapefruit as it s packed full of benefits that make it an amazing ingredient in serums. To begin this oil is a natural astringent & antiseptic allowing it to clear up excess oil and fight acne by killing germs that have built up on your skin.

It also contains a natural diuretic which will help reduce water retention especially in the eye area.


Yes orange, derived from orange peel this oil is packed full of goodness. Here at buddha beauty we are always looking at natural ingredient and this one is a must. This natural skin brighter can reduce dark spots, fade blemishes and help scaring. Its oil is also a circulation booster insuring each & every skin cell gets nutrient rich blood to keep it healthy & well functioning, promoting a healthily and glowing skin.

It is known to fight off ageing by decreasing wrinkles & can improve your skins elasticity by boosting collagen production deep within our skin. What more could you ask for in an all natural vegan serum.

But wait on top of these amazing ingredients we’ve put in another few to keep your skin it perfect condition as healthy skin is our priory at Buddha Beauty.

Some of these are.

  • Avocado oil, a rich source of Vitamin A & C essential to boast our skin hydration, after all we are made up of 60% water.

  • Papaya, this little magic fruit will soften our skin making it irresistible to touch and giving us a flawless finish with or without make up.

  • Strawberry extract, just to put some more natural ingredients in, we love fruit at Buddha Beauty, we’ve gone and put this in to boast that cell renewal even more and create a brighter skin, goodbye dullness.

Now one last thing to know before you go running to use this amazing Grapefruit & Orange Serum, we need to know how to use it. Im going to talk a little on how I use this serum and get the best from it. On a normal day I use my serum twice daily, right after my morning and evening cleanse & tone.

I apply a small bit on to my hands and apply to my skin and then I follow with my daily defence facial moisturiser or my hydrating jasmine and Chamomile Night Cream it’s as simple as that.

But twice a week I like to treat my skin to a nice at home facial with all my favs from Buddha Beauty Skincare.

I use these products as I know their all Vegan, natural and even better made in Manchester.

Little fact, it has been known that using a natural vegan skincare keeps your skin healthier then packing chemicals and nasty found in a lot of high street brands. Lanolin is a common in ingredient found in high street products and it can clog pore and cause acne.

My step by step guide goes as follows.

I begin with a double cleanse using my Lemongrass cleanser to remove all make up, dirt & bacteria from my face. Then toning with Tea Tree toneras I have an oily to normal skin.

Once done I use a facial exfoliator with bamboo extractsto gently remove dead skin cells & excess oil from my skin. My mask, I love masks and this Apple, Aloe & Avocado clay mask is on my must haves. I apply this mask and leave it for 10 mins, then remove with hot flannels and I’m in heaven.

Once removed I do a quick tone again and apply my Grapefruit & Orange Serumall over my face., neck & chest area. Once lightly rubbed in, I apply a small amount of my rose daily defencemoisturiser.

I then know my skin has all it needs and I can go to bed with a clean healthy skin, allowing my body to do any extra work thats needed while I sleep.

So thats how I use my Serum in two different ways.

Hope thats answers any questions you have on facial skin serums but if you still do have any more questions or want to see and feel what a serum is like then pop into us at Buddha Beauty on Beech Road, M21 9EQ. All the staff will be more then happy to help.

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