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Living happy

With the view of living and staying happy we came across these simple suggestions:

Set an intention ...

Hold it in your image. ...

Look for reasons to be happy. ...

Empower yourself. ...

Slow, slow, slow down. ...

Honor your needs and what feeds your soul. ...

Take good care of you. ...

1. Set an intention

Intentions are the cornerstones to creating your reality folks. And every part of your life deserves at least one! Here is mine for my well-being emotionally:

I intend to live in the now and feel greater and greater depths of love, fun, joy, happiness, ecstasy, compassion and caring for myself and others; to have fun continuously, and to open (more every day) to my creativity, psychic abilities and passion.

2. Hold it in your image

When you think of yourself, do you think of an ecstatically happy person? No? Well lets change that shall we?

Your self concept keeps you locked into a reality that will support your self concept. Change your vision of yourself, and you will change your reality.

Affirmation: I am happy and becoming happier each and every day!

3. Look for reasons to be happy

It doesn’t take much of this to shift from self-pity (or any other constrictive state) to happy. Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the most amazing ways to stay happy and exuding a flow of good things coming to you.

The caveat: you must do this in earnest. Writing a laundry list that you don’t feel real love and appreciation towards is an exercise in futility. It only counts if you’re actually feeling the gratitude.

4. Empower yourself

It’s hard to feel happy if you feel powerless and hopeless. And some people have good reason to feel this way, and perhaps happiness eludes them. You’re not one of them.

If you are reading this blog you are ready to accept your divinity, your power and your ability to create your own reality. But it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen just by saying it.

If you have beliefs that deny who you are, that downplay your power, that imply you don’t deserve a phenomenal and exciting life you absolutely adore, then change them.

If you are serious about being ecstatically happy and creating a life you love, your growth should be a priority. It is possible. Commit.

5. Slow, slow, slow down

One of the biggest happiness stealers is multi-tasking.

What? You couldn’t live without multi-tasking? Ok, fine. But you will have to give up ‘multi-thinking’ if you are serious about happiness.

Most of us are so focused on what is left to do, we stop paying attention to what it is we are doing. And it stops being enjoyable. And there goes our happy.

Give yourself 5 minutes a day, or 5 minutes 3 times a day, to make a list of what needs to be accomplished that day. That’s it. The rest of the time, slow down and be present.

Really feel the sun on your face as you walk to the car. Really pay attention to that store clerk who bags your groceries. Send ‘em a little love. Really focus on that email and only that email, not the 72 unread in your inbox.

This is a magical fix folks. Try it. You’ll like it.

6. Honor your needs and what feeds your soul

We all have things that nurture us, that feed our soul and rejuvenate us. Some of these things are actual needs.

I have a need for solitude. If I don’t get solitude at least once a week if not each day, I am not a happy camper. Life gets hard and I get cranky. For me, solitude is a need.

For my husband, physical exercise is a need. When he is able to swim, bike, play tennis or ski, everything else he does gets easier. For him, exercise is a need.

What are your needs? Are you giving yourself permission to fill them?

And what feeds your Soul? Things that feed your Soul aren’t needs, they are preferences that offer great benefit. They are the things that you love that make you more.

Being in nature may feed your Soul. Beauty may feed your Soul. Music may do this for some. Hobbies do this for others.

Giving yourself the permission and time to do the things that nurture you is a key to staying happy.

7. Take good care of you

Your body has needs, which if not heeded, can have debilitating effects on your physical and emotional bodies. Good clean diet, exercise to fit your temperament, and relaxation activities to reduce stress should all be part of your normal way of life.

If they aren’t, please add them. A body undernourished, filled with toxins, and stressed out is not going to add to your happiness or your ability to consciously create your world.

If you don’t believe you can add these things to your life, for either financial reasons or time constraints, change those beliefs! Your life is your creation.

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