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Choosing the Right Salon for You

Beauty salons are ten a penny these days. On every high street there they are, offering all sorts of treatments at differing prices, and with the way technology and the beauty industry is evolving there are always new experiences to try out. Most women in the modern day have a salon they frequent, whether it be for hairdressing, eyebrows, nails or tanning to name but a few treatments and sometimes women will have a particularly favourite spot they use religiously, or they will sometimes use different salons for different things. It depends on your personality too as to what type of salon you go to, and also what kind of experience you are looking for. If you need a break from your children and want some ‘me time’, then you may choose a quiet salon where you can get a massage, or you may choose a chatty salon where there is music playing and lots of other girls getting their nails done or lashes done. If you’ve been ill and need a nice massage and some rejuvenation you may prefer somewhere that only does massages and facials, as the environment will be different to the salons that offer nails, lashes and tanning for example. You may need to rant and really let loose, and if you have a salon where say the nail technician is really bubbly and talkative, you might enjoy that time because she will let you get everything off your chest. Lots of nail techs hear all sorts of stories, just like hairdressers do. Some women use their beauticians as therapists, and it’s part of the experience for them.

Here at Buddha Beauty we only concern ourselves with tranquillity, relaxation, peace and making sure our customers have an experience they won’t forget. We believe everyone deserves time out, time to relax and gather their thoughts, and we also believe firmly that this should be done in an ethical and natural way, with authenticity and genuine passion for what we do. Our craft is important to us, and we want to educate along the way too. Everything we do revolves around creating an ethereal retreat for our clients who we treat like friends, with vegan and 100% cruelty free products and ingredients. We don’t have the radio playing, we want to shut the world out and give our clients sanctuary. Our location is perfect for that, tucked away down a little cobbled lane. We have clients who come to us for all their treatments, and we also have clients who come to us for specific treatments and go other salons for other treatments. It all depends on what the client is in need of. We welcome all of our clients with open arms and we love seeing regulars and new clients alike. We pride ourselves on being a very different beauty salon in Manchester, bringing tranquillity and harmony to a busy bustling city one blissful beauty treatment at a time.

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