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Mother and Daughter Bonding Days

Sometimes as parents we can feel disconnected from our children, especially when they begin entering puberty. Both boys and girls become moody, less likely to want to join in family activities, needing more sleep. It’s all normal but that doesn’t make it easier for you as a parent; mum or dad. It’s a worrying time of course, you want your child to know they can talk to you or discuss any worries they have, but if they clam up when you broach the topic it can leave you feeling a little unsure of how to help.

Mum, if you feel as though your daughter is distancing herself from you, you could always suggest something fun you can do together just you and her so that she has some privacy away from other siblings, maybe even her dad. Dads can sometimes get a hard deal when it comes to their daughters hitting puberty, so if you try to ease your partner’s mind by letting him know you’re trying to coax your daughter out of her pre-teen blues, then the both of you can relax a little. Remember every parent has been there! You can suggest all sorts as a way of spending time together but chances are, your daughter will either shrug or shake her head. A little sneaky way of enticing her to spend some quality time with you is to suggest you head to a salon or spa for a little mum and daughter bonding. You could get matching manicures, facials, or even massages. A facial especially is a great idea as it will open her up to learning about her skin and why she should take good care of it from an early age.

Once your daughter sees that maybe her ‘embarrassing parents’ aren’t so bad after all, she may rediscover that she once enjoyed hanging out with you, talking to you, telling you all her secrets. It can feel really painful when your daughter suddenly doesn’t want to have fun with you, instead chooses to spend every waking second with her friends, but there are ways to find a balance. Taking her on monthly salon visits can be a way to get that closeness back and at the same time, ensure her skin is looked after during this difficult time when spots can break out and “ruin a girl’s life, Mum!”. Don’t forget, she may start wanting to get into makeup too, and so her skin must be cared for every day and night. Hearing that from you won’t make an impact, but hearing it from a trained beauty therapist probably will!

At The Buddha Beauty Company, we know how important family is. We also know that skin needs to be treated kindly from a very early age in order to instil good practice for the future. We pride ourselves on our tranquil environment too, so if you have a grumpy pre-teen who also happens to be impressionable (which most are) or even shy, a loud brash salon isn’t what you want for the bonding time you have planned. We’re a beauty salon in Manchester with different beliefs; we believe in peaceful surroundings, tuning in to your inner self and what your body is asking for, and also in complete relaxation. Visit us and see if we can’t bring some harmony back into your relationship with your teenage daughter; you may be very surprised!

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