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The Lowdown on Baby Massage

We can communicate with babies via touching long before they are able to utter a single word. In fact, experts say that contact with a baby this way helps to sooth and calm them. This is noticeable when a baby cries and they are relaxed by being held.

Unless your baby was premature, you can start baby massages from birth. Other than that, it is advised that parents wait until the child reaches their due date. In addition to this, babies should be at least 6 weeks old before they are taken to a group or salon baby massage session as the environment could be too overwhelming.

When carrying out baby massages at home, parents should pick a time when their bundle of joy is alert and not tired or hungry. After all, there’s nothing worse than a cranky baby. It is best to sit on the floor, bed or sofa and placing your child in front of you on a towel. Make sure this position is comfortable, give adequate eye contact and don’t overheat the baby. You may choose whether your child goes nappy-free, however loosening the nappy is advised.

Although strange, it is advised to ask permission before beginning the massage. Quite literally say very softly ‘Can I give you a massage?’ whilst rubbing some safe and expertly recommended oil between their hands. Your baby will get used to this as they get older and recognise that their massage is about to start upon hearing it.

Baby massages hold many benefits, including:

  • Strengthens the bond between parent and child

  • Helps first time, nervous or young parents become more comfortable with handling their baby

  • Helps prevent post-natal depression as research shows baby massage can help a mother develop a positive relationship with her baby

  • When performed before bedtime as part of a routine, baby massage helps a child to relax, settle and sleep better. This is because the muscles relax and the hormones that make us feel good are raised.

  • Baby massage is said to be useful for all children however has a significant impact on children with Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy. This is because it allows a unique way to communicate with and soothe the babies.

Our beauty salon in Manchester offers baby massage introduction classes in 45 minute sessions. Drop in to Buddha Beauty or give us a call to find out more information!

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