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Benefits of a Mud Wrap

Here at Buddha Beauty, we offer a range of different beauty treatments and massages. From our sports massage to reiki healing, you really are spoilt for choice. One of our more obscure treatments has to be our mud wrap. This treatment includes coating the client in a layer of mud for the duration and, as we can imagine, the idea of this can be quite off-putting, especially for first timers.

To ease your worries, we’ve put together a few of the benefits clients can gain from having regular mud wraps…

Flushes out toxins. The mud in which clients are coated in throughout the treatment is said to cause sweating and this sweating supposedly removes any built-up toxins within the body. Some people like to think of this as a detox for the skin.

Inch loss. Similarly, the excess perspiration is said to result in weight reduction, including pounds and inches. It is important to recognise that these effects can be temporary.

Relaxing. Although an odd practice to come to terms with at first, many clients have discovered that a mud wrap treatment is rather relaxing as it helps to alleviate stress, soothe any tension in the muscles and gives a person time to clear their head of any ongoing thoughts.

Natural pain reliever. According to some, the practice of lying in a spa during a mud wrap treatment can help to relieve tired and/or aching joints and ease any inflammation.

For more information on our mud wraps, drop into our beauty salon in Manchester - we’d be more than happy to answer all your beauty related questions!

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