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Busting the Waxing Myths

There are always myths surrounding the practice of many beauty treatments. Competitors spread them around in an attempt to gain customers and facts are twisted until they become common knowledge. For example, have you ever heard the idea that dogs sweat by salivating? This is an old myth that has been falsely passed on for many years. In fact, they regulate their temperature through panting and sweat through their footpads.

Interesting, right? Similarly to the one above, here are 3 waxing myths that the Buddha Beauty team has busted especially for you…

Myth: Removing the hair via waxing will make the hairs grow back thicker and darker.

Fact: The colour and texture of your body hair is determined by your genes, not whether you opt for waxing or not. On the other hand, the amount of hair that grows will lessen with waxing compared to shaving.

Myth: Waxing will cause wrinkles.

Fact: This myth is told by many laser and threading companies in order to lure them away from waxing. Despite this, waxing cannot cause wrinkles. The motion of removing the strip is taunt and therefore there is no pulling of the skin which is the very aspect used to scare women and men into alternatives.

Myth: You can be burned by wax that was too hot.

Fact: If people had a reaction to the wax used, it is usually a reaction to the ingredients and/or the process of waxing. When you are ‘burned’ by something, the reaction is instantaneous and your pain is immediate. The feeling of being burned by the wax could be due to sensitive skin or re-waxing areas which have already been waxed to make sure every hair is removed. This should not be done and any leftover hairs should be tweezed.

Here at our beauty salon in Manchester, we offer a range of waxing treatments including underarms, legs and even the upper lip. Waxing lasts 3 to 6 weeks and is a great alternative to shaving. Get in contact with Buddha Beauty today to find out more!

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