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The Lowdown on CND Shellac Nails

Here at Buddha Beauty, we offer a range of different beauty treatments including Shellac nail manicures. Shellac is a unique blend of gel and nail polish. Due to this, it cannot be used to make the nails longer, however it does help to add strength to your nails to keep them looking fresh. Here is the lowdown on this shiny manicure…

  • You should start with healthy nails before you apply the coats of shellac polish, as nails which are damaged can impact the beauty of the finished manicure. Here at Buddha Beauty, we provide a free mini manicure with our Shellac Hands which includes shaping the nails and working the cuticles.

  • Shellac polish can last up to one month maximum, however many tend to last around 14 days before they need to be topped up. This means that the polish could last longer if our nails didn’t grow- however, due to this growth, they will simply need a touch-up unless you are looking to change your colour.

  • Shellac which has not been applied correctly can be very damaging to the nails and, thus, it is important that it is removed with a lot of care. At Buddha Beauty, we offer a free shellac removal if your manicure was applied by a member of our team. It is always best to find a professional when it comes to removing delicate nail polish such as Shellac.

We offer a range of different Shellac treatments to suit a whole range of different needs. Visit our Beauty Salon in Manchester to find out more information and book your first appointment today!

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