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2 Big Reasons Men Should Get a Facial

Most men tend to overthink beauty treatments with the idea that they are solely for women- however this is not true, especially at Buddha Beauty. The likes of spa slippers, soothing music and cucumber over the eyes might not be for you, but that doesn’t mean the treatments are necessarily gender specific. We get a professional to take care of our skin for the same reason we hire a mechanic to fix our car – they do a better job! Here are 2 reasons why men should consider getting a facial…

  1. Men produce more oils

As expected, men generally have a higher level of testosterone than women, which explains why they produce more oils. If this oil is not cleaned away properly, just like women, the oil will clog the pores and can lead to blackheads. During a facial, extractions will be performed in order to remove this oil and therefore result in much cleaner skin.

  1. Smoother shave

The act of dragging a razor across sensitive skin on the face can cause irritation. Conditions such as razor burn, inflammation and cuts are common in the aftermath of shaving. A facial is very good at deep cleaning and soothing any irritated skin as the perfect combination of oils, masks and moisturisers address the side effects of shaving and makes your face smoother than ever before. The smoother your face, the less painful your shaving experience will be!

Here at Buddha Beauty, we offer a range of different male grooming treatments at our beauty salon in Manchester. The footballers have them, the models have them and the actors have them so why not you?! Get in contact today to book in your first appointment!

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