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The Benefits of Water and Hydration

Many people do not recognise how important water is to our diet. While we can survive for 3 weeks without food, as noted by Mahatma Gandhi who fasted for 21 days, a lack of water can kill us within 3 days. This is a rough estimate which depends upon many factors, however the basic idea is that water is not only beneficial, it is necessary in terms of life or death. Here are a few benefits of water and hydration for the body…

  • Remaining correctly hydrated can aid in reducing high blood pressure. Statistics show that when the body is completely hydrated, the blood consist of 92% water, which helps to maintain a continuous flow through the veins and arteries. This in turn lowers blood pressure.

  • Drinking enough water has been scientifically linked with clear skin. In fact, the skin is known to actually glow when we are ideally hydrated. If we do not drink enough water, the body will struggle to remove toxins which means that irritation and congestion will show itself in the form of blackheads, redness and acne.

  • Being dehydrated isn’t only bad for the skin, it is bad in every way possible. If we are not drinking enough water, we aren’t gaining an important and necessary source of energy to help us get through the day. Adequate water intake thus helps combat fatigue during the day.

Here at Buddha Beauty, our treatments are based on relaxation, rejuvenation and rest- however without holding yourself responsible for the amount of water you take in on a daily basis, our treatments can only go so far! For more information on the benefits of water and hydration, get in contact with the best beauty salon in Manchester today, and book in for one of our treatments while you’re at it!

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