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The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Waxing

Here at Buddha Beauty, waxing is one of the professional treatments we offer that can also be carried out at home. Once you prepare yourself for the pain associated, waxing at home or in the salon means you’re left hair and stubble free for weeks. Despite this, waxing at home comes with safety risks. People are known to suffer from bruising, ingrown hairs and even burns when self-waxing is not carried out correctly. Here are the do’s and don’ts of home waxing…


  • Exfoliating and moisturising before and after waxing is very important in order to try and prevent ingrown hairs. It also leaves your skin extra smooth.

  • Burns are very common when people try to self-wax at home. You should always test the temperature of your wax by applying a small amount to inside of your wrist. If it is too cold, it will not spread and if it is too hot, you’ll end up injuring yourself.


  • The hair which you wax should be between ¼ of an inch and ¾ of an inch long as if you try to wax hair that is too short, the wax will have nothing to stick to. If the hair is too long, try trimming it with scissors beforehand to reduce the pain.

  • Avoid trying to pick at ingrown hairs as this can lead to an infection. If you have ingrown hairs remaining after self-waxing, soak in warm water and then exfoliate the area to try and carefully get the ingrown hair to release itself.

Here at Buddha Beauty, we never discredit anyone trying beauty treatments themselves, however waxing comes with many risks which is why we always suggest seeking out professional help. Visit our beauty salon in Manchester for more information!

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