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Why Moisturising During Summer is Important

Home skincare is something that people are very divided about and the general rule is that you either have a very religious routine or your routine is non-existent. Here at Buddha Beauty, we believe that skincare is important all year-round however people only tend to adopt the use of moisturiser during winter to ward off the winter dryness. Little do people know, summer skincare and moisturising is just as vital. Here are a few reasons why…

The sun’s rays can be very harmful and we aren’t only talking about the sunburn that it can cause. In fact, the sun has a drying effect on our skin just like winter does and even though our body may feel greasier due to the amount of perspiration we carry out, it can actually become rough and dry. Applying moisturiser can not only help protect the skin if you do catch too much sun and suffer from sunburn, but it also gives back some much needed moisture to keep it soft.

As summer temperatures can be extreme depending on where you live, it is not recommended to apply heavy creams and moisturisers as this can make the whole season uncomfortable. Stick to light and fast drying lotions and always remember to apply a sun lotion with a safe SPF on the label before going out in high temperatures.

Now you know why summer skincare is so important, why not get in contact with the best beauty salon in Manchester today and book in one of our treatments? The team at Buddha Beauty want our clients to know the importance of protecting their skin during the spells of heat and there no better way to promote it than through a facial or two!

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