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A Quick History of Acupuncture

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Here at Buddha Beauty, we offer a range of different type of treatments and one of our most popular has to be acupuncture. This ancient practice uses the 350 acupuncture points within our body in order to access our energy flows and balance them to cure an illness or reduce a pain. Interestingly, not many people know how acupuncture became a treatment that so many people seek in the modern world. In order to change that, the team here at Buddha Beauty have decided to briefly go over its history…

Acupuncture begins with an extremely old book that has been around for longer than anything we could possibly imagine. It is known as the book of Chinese Medicine: the Classic of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor. It dates back to the first century BC and the first century AD and every single style of acupuncture we currently use today can have their roots traced back to this piece of text.

Thanks to modern scientific information and practices, we have been able to discover the aspect of biomedical science that relate to acupuncture history, like how emotional stress can reduce the immune system.

During the early 20th Century, traditional Chinese medicines reduced in fashion thanks to the healthcare treatments from the West and many cultural influences. With this, traditional Chinese medicines remained in the shadows of western medicines until an occurrence known as the Long March in 1935-1935. Research has shown that wounded soldiers who could not access drugs and anaesthetics found great relief using acupuncture.

In the current century, traditional acupuncture and western medicines are practiced alongside one another, both achieving noticeable results in curing and aiding illness. In fact, more and more trials are confirming the positive effects of acupuncture each year and the amount of people seeking it has increased considerably.

History is an interesting topic as we are able to learn what happened thousands of years ago in order to understand what something we use today started as. Acupuncture is no different from this! In fact, through learning about its history we are able to see what the origins of the treatment was. For more information or to book in your own acupuncture treatment, speak to the best beauty salon in Manchester today!

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