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The Health Benefits of a Pedicure

Here at Buddha Beauty we are avid believers that massage and therapy can provide health benefits. In fact, sometimes they can be more advantageous than prescribed drugs! One of the more obscure types of treatment that is known to relieve conditions like anxiety is a pedicure and in this blog we are going to focus our attention on the health benefits you could gain from basic feet care.

What is it?

First of all, we have to define what a pedicure is. After all, nobody wants to walk into a treatment completely unsure of what they are going to be receiving. In simple terms, a pedicure is a cosmetic treatment that is provided to the feet and toenails. It involves cleaning, shaping and sometimes painting the nails and contrary to belief, they are not only for women!

The Benefits

  • Having a pedicure helps keep the feet and toenails clean which can prevent a whole range of conditions taking over without our knowledge. After all, those in charge of your treatment will be trained in the recognising the symptoms. From fungal infections to ingrown toenails, your feet will be much healthier as a result.

  • During a pedicure the feet are moisturised and massaged which helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin looking and feeling healthy. The reason this is so good is due to the things it helps to prevent as not only do moisturised feet get blisters less often, they also rarely suffer from dry skin.

  • One of the most enjoyable parts of a pedicure is the massage that takes place. Since we are on our feet for the majority of the day we put a lot more stress on our joints and muscles than we realise. Being able to release this tension is both beneficial for our blood circulation and the distribution of heat around our bodies.

As part of our range of services here at Buddha Beauty, we offer a range of different nail treatments with our experienced and highly qualified beauticians. Whether you’re looking for a basic treatment or wants to take advantage of our luxury service, the best beauty salon in Manchester have got you covered! For more information speak to a member of the team today!

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