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The Stereotypes That Stop Men Visiting the Salon

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Here at Buddha Beauty it is hard to deny that a vast majority of our clients are women. After all, it is a lot more socially acceptable for women to take care of their appearance and due to this a lot of stereotypes regarding masculinity have put men off stepping inside a beauty salon. Fortunately, we are going to change that! Here are some of the most common stereotypes and how we can stop their damage…

The Principle of Masculinity

Unfortunately, there is an idea about masculinity representing power and strength and this ideology is passed down over many generations. In fact, it can be a damaging thing to tell young children as they will try to avoid activities that challenge it in order to fit in. For example, a stereotype of masculinity revolves around the idea of crying and then men who cry as ‘weak’ because it is a women’s activity. Due to this we can see why many men tend to avoid salons as they are seen as hyper feminine.

The Media

Whether it be on TV or in magazines the image that men are supposed to represent is one that does not involve regular salon visits. For example, men are expected to be muscular and visit the gym and it is very rare that the media will portray men visiting the salon without some kind of negative label attached to it.


As a society we have all attached the idea of gender roles to specific things. For example, hair and beauty is a women’s activity where as engineering is a mans jobs. In order to break down these stereotypes and help men feel more conformable inside a salon, we have to recognise how damaging these gender roles are for both men and women.

The team here at Buddha Beauty are proud to tell readers that alongside our female based treatments we also have a great range of male pampering treatments too! Whether you require a facial, waxing or even a manicure you can rest assured that the best beauty salon in Manchester has got the men covered! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

Male treatments available
Mens Treatments

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