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The Truth About Sports Massages

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

As one of the most brutal types of massage it is not uncommon for people to walk blindly into a sports muscle recovery session. After all, they are designed for high endurance athletes and runners who are looking for something that travels deeper than the average massage. With this said, a sports massage can be incredibly beneficial for those with sporting injuries, bad backs and sore necks. Here is everything you need to know about sports massages…

What is it?

By focussing on the soft tissue, a sports massage aims to aid the recovery of the muscles after a person has carried out intense exercise or suffered from a sports injury. In fact, it is a method that has been used for many years, despite the idea that it is a new and recently discovered practice. A sports massage involves a variety of different compression methods in order to stimulate blood flow and ultimately improve the

flexibility of the tissues and muscles.

It is painful?

Those who undergo a sports massage for the first time may be surprised to find that it lacks the relaxation of your traditional massage and can even be uncomfortable or painful. Whilst it may be off-putting to find out that a sports massage isn’t exactly an enjoyable activity, there is a reason behind the madness. After all, a recovery session aims to improve flexibility and this doesn’t come easily so the compression methods that are implemented during the treatment tend to place pressure on soft tissue that is not used, causing pain.

The Benefits

Despite the pain, sports massages come with a range of different physiological and psychological benefits. For example, it can improve your mood, mindset and release ‘feel good’ endorphins whilst promoting safe sports recovery, flexibility and improving blood flow.

Our deep tissue sports massages here at Buddha Beauty helps reduce tension whilst stretching your ligaments and tendons in order to remove all the toxins out of your muscles. If you’ve recently suffered a sporting related injury or have dealt with a problematic bad back for what feels like many years it may be time to get in contact with the best beauty salon in Manchester today to find out more information!

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