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Indian Head Massage

What is a Indian head massage?

A Indian head massage is a treatment that uses old techniques and involves working on the upper back, neck ,shoulders, face and the scalp. It is a holistic treatment, treating the mind, body and sprit. Holistic treatments will always leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Indian Head Massage
Head Massage

What it involves:

We will use a variety of massage techniques. The techniques we use in our salon are circular strokes on your scalp, deep tissue on your  shoulders and stretching of your neck.  All of the techniques that we will use helps to stimulate circulation and reduce stress.

What are the benefits:

There are many benefits to a Indian head massage.

- If your stressed from work or just everyday life, then this will help lower them stress levels, this is because it works on the area where we carry the most stress.

- Having trouble sleeping or suffering with insomnia then a Indian head massage is a greatas it helps to improve your quality of sleep by relaxing muscles and helps to reduce insomnia.

- Do you suffer from back, neck or migraine problems? you can reduce them problems with the head massage which helps with muscle tension and aids the body in letting go.

- It helps with detoxification of the body  by stimulating lymphatic drainage.


After you have received your head massage you will be advised to avoid strenuous activities and to avoid any form of caffeine, and alcohol.  We would also advise that you to drink plenty of water.

drinking plenty of water.
Hydration is key

Side effects :

After you have received your Indian head massage you may experience a number of side effects, this is part of bringing your  body back to balance. You may be left feeling like you need sleep or to rest. You may be left feeling very emotional. As well as a increase in urination.  You also may notice some flu like symptoms.


If you are pregnant women in your first trimester it is not advised to receive any massages, the reason behind this  protection against potential miscarriage. After your first trimester you are usually fine to book in for any form of massage.  Due to the levels of stimulation if you have epilepsy you are advised not to receive a Indian head massage.

Why us?

Here at Buddha beauty we will ensure that you are given the best treatment and that you will leave our salon stress free and much more relaxed than when you  first walked in. We use our own range of aromatic massage oils helping to relax the mind. The fragrances in our oils help to sooth and calm the emotions with added health benefits for skin and body.

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