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IPL Hair Removal

Hair removal can play a huge part of our lives as we all know from long waxing appointments to plucking & shaving at home. We suffer the ingrown hairs & fast regrowth of shaving, the pain of waxing and the worry of burning or damaging ourselves with creams. But for the last few years we’ve been able to finally do something about this in a more safe permeant way.  At Buddha Beauty we have decided to bring IPL on board and train with one of the best companies producing these types of treatments. #Zeolight

Hair removal using IPL, IPL Chorlton
IPL Arm Hair Removal

Below I’m going to answer so very common questions that are asked by all people thinking or having IPL. 

But what is IPL and how does it work. IPL stands for Impulse Light Therapy and is used to reduce hair growth by 90%. This works by send light down into the hair follicle to starve the hair of nutrients in order for it to not regrow. 

The light causes heat energy to form in this hair follicle and this kills the hair. IPL has always been considered non-ablative as it only targets the lower layer of our skin and not the top. This helps use continue our normal daily routine after treatment. Using this machine we treat the area you wish to remove hair be it underarms, unwanted facial hair, bikini line or the whole body.  With the machine we use here at Buddha Beauty we also incorporate Radio Frequency into all our IPL hair removal. We do this because as the hair is being removed from area we use the Radio Frequency to tighten the skin 

How is the treatment carried out? In the area IPL is being carried out the area must be shaved two/three days prior.No waxing should have taken place place in the 4 weeks prior including plucking. The area is cleaned by our therapist and then a clear odourless gel is applied to the area for the treatment to begin. The machine is then adjusted to the skin type of the client and treatment is carried out. 

Will this treatment hurt? The pain felt during this treatment is minimum of that to waxing and only a slight heated feeling is felt. 

How often is treatment needed & how many?We recommend treatment every 4-5 weeks for your first 3 sessions and then 6-7 weeks for the next We always recommend a course 6 to our clients to achieve the best results although a difference will be seen from just one treatment. We do offer this treatment in single sessions and in courses of 3, 6 and 8 as well.   What to expect after the treatment? The skin may appear slightly red after treatment but this is perfectly fine and may remain from an hour to a day. A few things must be followed though before and after we do have this treatment done.  After treatment & for 48 hours Wear loose cotton clothing. Avoid touching the skin in the treatment area.Avoid the gym, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool. When showering/bathing keep water tepid/lukewarm. Avoid doing all forms of physical exercise. Apply mineral makeup only after all facial laser hair removal treatments. Apply SPF50+ to all treatment areas that are exposed to UV light, cover areas where possible

Before IPL Avoid sun exposure 4 weeks before treatment inc sunbeds No fake tan to be on the skin during or 7 days prior to treatment. All medication even herbal must be stated in your consultation form. Area that is being treated must be shaved 2/3 before treatment Waxing/plucking must be avoid 5 weeks before treatmentPregnancy or any heath conditions must be reported before treatment areas with tattoos cannot be done but may be worked around.

After IPL Our aftercare is always best to follow to achieve the best result and maintain a healthily skin. No fake tan to be applied to the area for 2 weeks. No tattoos to be done on the area. Exfoliate the skin in the treatment area 4-5 days after treatment. When hair begins to regrow in between sessions, shaving and using hair removal creams are the only forms of hair removal that are allowed during your course of treatments. Avoid exposing your treatment area to sun or sun beds throughout your course of treatment. Apply SFP 50+ sunscreen at all times if your treatment areas are exposed to UV light.Inform us if you begin taking any medications throughout your course. Return for your next session within the time frame recommended by your laser therapist.

ill chest hair removal Chorlton
Chest hair removal using IPL

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