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Why you really do need that luxury facial......


Why us?

Are you looking for some peace and tranquillity while you unwind from your busy day or week?  Then take a step into either of our salon. We have our hidden holistic bubble on Beech Road or why not try our sparkling new salon on Longford Road. We offer a variety of six different facials ranging all the way up to the more advanced. With our facials we ensure that the treatment is specifically suited to your needs and  we will use products that are best suited for your skin type. We will ensure you get the best outcome from your treatment and you leave with a more brighter and glowing complexion. 

Why have a facial?:

So the question is why have a facial? A facial is one of best ways we can take care of our skin. We can all agree nothing can match the feeling you get when you glide your fingers on your face and it feels soft and clear. A facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, helping to promote a clear and glowing complexion. Most of you follow a simple skin routine at home. But every once in a while it good to let us professionals have a look. 

Benefits of a facials:

Do you think that facials are just a way of pampering your self? Well thats where your wrong, there are actually many benefits behind a facial. We all get stressed from time to time, so receiving a facial helps to activate your sympathetic nervous system ,reducing that stress and uplifting your mood. No one likes to admit it but you are not getting younger with each day. With regular facials boosting cell regeneration and promoting collagen development, you can achieve desirable younger looking skin.

During some facials the therapist will carry out a facial massage improving blood circulation meaning your cells are getting lots of oxygen and nutrients. As we age our skin loses its glow and elasticity. Thats natural. Facials can help rejuvenate the skin, the therapist will use methods, products and technology to improve the texture of the skin. Aside from cleansing and washing your face daily, you need facials to detoxify the skin. Your skin needs to get rid of the waste that accumulates on it on a regular basis. This is why detoxifying is necessary. Suffering form acne or acne marks? Then a facial can help you with this. 

A woman having a luxury facial buddha beauty Chorlton
Luxury Facial

Whats involved in a Luxury Facial -  1 hour 15minutes

Is your skin feeling dull? After a more radiant complexion, then the luxury facial is for you. With this your therapist will follow a ten step routine to help you get that glowing skin you’ve always been after. Like any facial you may or may not have had before it all starts with cleansing of the skin.

Starting of with a simple cleanse helps to remove any makeup or dirt that is sitting on the skins surface. A superficial cleanse will then be done to make sure no traces of dirt is left behind.

Once cleansing is all done your skin will then be toned to help restore the PH balance of the skin.

Exfoliation is then followed to remove the dead skin-cells to stop your skin feeling rough and dry. The use of a steamer will then be incorporated to help unclog the pores and help prevent acne and other skin issues.

Once the skin has been steamed a mask will then be applied, this helps too hydrate the skin and refine the pores and combat breakouts. Not only are you going to receive a facial, a hand &arm massage is included. By adding the massage makes the treatment more luxurious.

Following on from this a face oil that is suited to your skin type will then be applied to the face. Oils contain a high level of nutrients that offers nourishment and moisture. Now coming towards the end of your facial our pro age eye cream will gently be massaged under the eye to help get rid of those nasty circles we hate.

The final step to end your treatment is applying a moisturiser. Moisturising the skin will deeply nourish the skin cells and sustain vital moisture. 

How often Do you need a Facial?

This all depends on several factors. One of them factors is your skin type. If you suffer from oily skin that is prone to breakouts we suggest getting a facial once every two weeks. But if you have combination dry or normal sink then once every month is fine. A rule of thumb with facials is the more you have them the better the results.

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