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Acupuncture Course

Acupuncture Course

Recently I started a course in Acupuncture at KORE academy. The class is a busy one with 16 student from all walks of life, from prison officers, pain control nurse to other therapists.

Now most of you will either love the idea of acupuncture or hate it. I don’t mind using the needles, I actually enjoyed doing it, but (and this is a big but) watching the tutor demonstrating needling and then getting it done on myself actually sent me in to a cold sweat. It was the strangest thing, whenever she needled the client for the initial part I was ok but watching that needle go in switched on some kind of self preservation signal which made me want to run for the hills. Which I was not able to do seeing as I have a five month course ahead of me. I

The course is quite full on and as you can imagine there are so many sides to acupuncture. From the positioning of the needle, its direction of insert then its depth. This is then followed by needle application locations, the functions and actions from the needling.

Even after day one my head was in a spin. It was great and I think with a little more time and practice i’ll get used to getting it done on me. Time will tell.


Well weekend two has began and I have to say in the last month I have practised and practised. Using everyone around me from family, staff and even customers who would brave my needle skills. It has helped so much, not so many cold sweats this weekend. Apart from the 4cm needle which was inserted into my bottom today that did make my eyes water, and not because of the pain more for having to get my bum out in front of the whole class.

During this training session I have been lucky enough to meet a lovely lady called Debee. She has colonic clinics around the North West. if this is of something to you please do get in touch and we will happily send you here details.

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