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Guest Blog - Smock to Frock. Revive Bath Oil

Who doesn't want to have a spa like experience at home? Soaking in a hot bath is pretty darn relaxing but imagine upping your pamper game and turning your bath into an holistic retreat.

I'm forever indulging in bath time products to add that extra special something to help turn a hot bath into a calm, tranquil experience. Whether that be bath bombs, bath soaks, oils, bubbles, hot petals, bath teas or salts; finding that perfect product to create that zen like experience is key.

The latest product I've been trialling is the Buddha Beauty Company Revive Bath Oil.

Buddha Beauty Company are a beauty and health spa based in Chorlton, South Manchester. As well as your typical massage and beauty treatments they also offer a range of exotic spa like skincare products and authentic natural home fragrances. These products are created by Llewelyn Thomas-Wood who's history of travelling and admiration of exotic spa's inspire the ingredients used to create the range of authentic and effective products.

The product itself is a clear, thin oil that has an awakening, fresh essence with notes of citrus and herbs. Upon adding a couple drops to the bath (I'm rather generous with my amounts!) the oil disperses into a cloudy lava and releases what can perfectly be described as a 'therapeutic spa like scent'. The scent is incredibly relaxing although I did find that I needed to add a little more oil than expected to get a stronger fragrance but by shutting the door you can aid in its pungency and increase its intensity.

The product all in all is a beautiful vegan and organic oil that ticks all the boxes for creating a perfect spa like experience at home. The only negative point I can fault with it (which is also personal preference) is I would liked for the oil to also double as a nourishing skin treatment. There's nothing better than soaking in the tub with an incredible scent that once you step out it makes your skin smell amazing and feel beautifully soft. Although this oil works perfect as a bath treatment, once you step out of the tub (aside from that mentally relaxed feeling) it all gets left behind.

Beki Xo

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